North Platte River Fly Fishing

North Platte Fly Fishing in Central Wyoming

North Platte fly fishing is second to none. We are located in one of the best spots for trout fishing in Wyoming and the United States.  The North Platte River’s Blue Ribbon fly fishing section is known for its big and wild rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout and was chosen the Number One Big Fish Destination by American Angler Magazine.

The head waters of the North Platte River gather in the North Park area of Northern Colorado where drainages of the Rabbit Ears and Park ranges converge. The river continues to flow North before entering Southern Wyoming where other feeder rivers such as the Encampment, French Creek, and the Douglas all dump into the North Platte.

The snow pack run off from all these waters feed the North Platte. From Wyoming’s southern border to Seminole Reservoir, the North Platte is a freestone river. It experiences heavy snow pack run off from mid-May to mid-June. It continues to flow northerly from Seminole to Pathfinder, with the Miracle Mile blue ribbon tailwater scrunched in between the two reservoirs. From Pathfinder it contunues through the Fremont Canyon stretch before it dumps into Alcova Reservoir. It continues through the Alcova Dam before entering the Grey Reef Reservoir where it is then released through Grey Reef Dam.

Near the headwaters of the North Platte River from 6 Mile Gap all the way to the town of Glenrock, comprises over 150 miles of the most productive trout water our country has to offer. The North Platte has nearly endless miles of blue ribbon waters for hearty brown and rainbow trout.  The river’s abundant bug life, ecosystem, and consistent temperatures all play a part in making the North Platte River second to none for a true abundance of large trout.  Flowing beautifully through broad canyons and sloping valleys, this river is one of the most iconic fly fishing destinations in North America.  To top it all off, you won’t find the crowds here that you will on other popular Western rivers.  Wyoming Anglers has multiple options throughout these incredible places to fish depending on the type of fly fishing and scenery desired.  We enthusiastically put together custom trips to fit the schedules and dreams of our guests!