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Miracle Mile Fishing Report & River Conditions

  • Fishing Report Date: 6/28/24
  • Stream Flow: 2600 CFS below Seminoe Dam
  • Water Clarity: 9/10
  • Water Temp: N/A
  • Fish Count: 1,800 fish per mile below Dam
  • Hatches: PMDs and Caddis
  • Overall Rating : 7/10
  • Travel Conditions & Advisories:  Call us if you have any questions! 307.267.5161
  • Fishing Licenses: State ID or Drivers License and cash is required to purchase a WY Fishing License. All water crafts required to purchase aquatic invasive species permit online through WY game & fish or license selling agent.

Miracle Mile Fishing Report: 

June 28 2024:

Miracle Mile is running about 2600 cfs and the fishing has been pretty decent! Leeches, worms, PMDs, and caddis have all been successful. We are starting to see some golden stones, so don’t be afraid to thrown some stone fly patterns.

April 12 2024:

Sorry for the delay in getting reports out, there has been a website malfunction, but we are back in business. Hope everyone has been enjoying 2024 so far. I know we have. It has been a great year so far. Tame winter and the spring has started off good! We have been seeing some warmer temps. It is 65 right now. Couldn’t ask for better conditions. The flows are running around 1000CFS and mostly clear. Your looking at your typical spring meal, leeches, worms, and midges. Pick a nice day, give us a call and lets fish! There are some spawning fish, so please be aware of redds and make sure that you aren’t fishing them. Please educate others if you see them fishing redds. If we all want this fishery to stay healthy then lets work together and do our part.

November 14 2023: 

We love fishing the Miracle Mile at this time of year! It is running at 560 CFS and the fishing has been fair to good. There has definitely been some takes on streamers, but nymphing is the name of the game right now. As expected, they are munching on eggs, leeches, worms, midges and some baetis in the afternoon. We have seen some big browns which makes this time of year exciting. Browns are starting to spawn, so please keep that in mind when your fishing. Lets work on maintaining a healthy fishery. Stay off of the redds, and if you see others fishing redds, spread the word and educate them on the importance and long term effects! Tomorrow our rates officially drop for the shoulder season. $100 off of full days and $75 off of 1/2 days. How does good fishing, less people and low rates sound to you? Take advantage of it! Keep your eyes peeled for our newsletter coming out, as we are running a Black Friday Special. If you haven’t subscribed and are interested in the special, give us a call at 307-267-5161.

August 31 2023: 

Miracle mile has been fishing well. Flows are running at about 1400 CFS and clarity is good with some floating moss. If you are thinking about fishing the mile, make sure to have caddis patterns, worms and leeches on hand.

July 10 2023: 

Miracle mile is running at about 2500 cfs right now and is fishing good. We are definitely seeing some heads coming up in early mornings and evenings eating big dries. Great time to throw some stonefly patterns! As far as nymphing goes, I would come prepared with some PMDs, yellow sallies, and caddis patterns such as Splitcase PMD, Crust Nymph PMD, Birds Nest Caddis, and Jacksons Sally.

April 26 2023: 

The mile is flowing at 2800 cfs right now and if we had to bet on it, guessing it is expected to continue to go up. It’s the same spring meals. You might not do numbers out there, but you can always find a few nice fish to tangle with.

March 16 2023:

There is no update at this time. Driving to the mile is not advised.


The Mile still a little moss but the fishing has been mostly good! Browns are spawning so please stay off the reds and educate other fisherman if they aren’t aware. Let’s preserve our fisheries for our future generations!  Normal stuff this time of year is working. Pine squirrel leech in black and brown, black mayhem midge, black juju midge, grey Rs2, & red annelid. 6 to 8 ft indicator to weight with an ab or 2 bbs. Still finding fish off the shelves, seams and in the tail outs.

1/15/21: The Miracle Mile is fishing like it normally does this time of year. Hit them right on the nose and they will eat it. Midges, Red San Juans, eggs.

July 10th 2019

The stones are ON! Miracle Mile is high but has had loads of golden stones flying around over the past several days and the fish are loving it! The early mornings and late evenings have seen plenty of heads coming up to eat big dry flies in fast water. On top of this the nymphing has been fairly consistent. The water above the bridge is producing a few browns and some decent rainbows on worms and pat’s rubber legs. Below the bridge there are plenty of big fish to be had. The softer currents have fished a bit better, it is certainly not gang busters but you can find fish on rubber legs, leeches, and worms running 6ft to two abs. It is BIG water on the Mile right now, wading is highly difficult but most of the water is accessible via a boat.

There are thousands of hoppers on the banks right now and our water temps have kept the moss at bay meaning that the rest of July through October could have some tremendously fun fishing in it.

April 9th 2019- The fishing has been pretty solid! Same spring meals. Eggs, leach, worms, and midges. We have been having many warm summer like days in the 50s and 60s with low winds. Then here and there you will have a snow day or a windy day. But the harsh days are becoming less and less the norm. The fish are hungry and willing to eat! Come join us! Be sure to check the roads before you head out to the Mile. We are getting moisture now and the roads will be slippery for a day or two.

March 1st 2019 – The winter is almost over and the fish are ready and willing to eat! Guides are coming back in with great reports! Nymph fishing has been excellent! No fish up eating on the surface. Bugs of choice are Red San Juans, red rock worms, natural pine squirrel leeches, egg patterns, and black midges.

Guide trips are $100 off during the month of March so don’t put off your chance to get great fishing at reduced rates! Combine your trip with lodging close to the river! Text or call 307.267.5161

October 23rd 2018: The Miracle is fishing pretty good. There are being caught some small fish as Game & Fish released a lot of small stockers but there also being caught some good fat healthy Rainbows and Browns. Flies of choice are San Juans,  pheasant tails, bars emergers, and poxyback bwo’s.

August 3rd 2018- The Miracle Mile has been fishing better this year than I have ever seen it fish! The Grey Reef is also fishing very well on hoppers!  Book today!

April 15th 2018- The Miracle Mile is running high and fishing very well out of a drift boat. Wade fishing is much harder right now. Flies working well are eggs patterns, red San Juans, stonefly patterns.

February 27th 2018- The Miracle Mile is fishing pretty good in the mornings after 9am as it warms a little bit. Same flies working as last post. Egg patterns, black midges, scud, and red San Juans. Always feel free to text or call us if you have questions! Even if you aren’t purchasing from us! Text or call 307.267.5161

February 19th 2018- The Miracle Mile is letting some big fish go right now. Mainly big Rainbows even up to 23 inches. Flies of Choice are egg patterns, black midges, scud, and red San Juans. Always feel free to text or call us if you have questions! 307.267.5161

November 15th- The Miracle Mile is fishing pretty well most days. No dry fly fishing. Streamer fishing is decent to fair. The nymphing of course is good. Remember our rates are $100 off right now through February and we are doing a Thanksgiving special: Buy 1 full dy float at $350, get the 2nd dy at 1/2 off. Or buy a $300 half day and get the 2nd half day at 1/2 off. Grey Reef $350, Miracle Mile $375, & Bighorn $400. It’s Rarely windy on the Wy. Bighorn! Special can be used now through Dec. 31st. 2017. Add a cabin for Only $100 per nt. Offer ends Wed. Nov. 22nd. Reserve deal now, figure dates later. Must mention add when booking. Egg patterns and black midges.

November 7th- The Miracle Mile is only fishing better and better. The nymphing is great! The streamer and dry fly fishing are ok. Egg patterns and black zebra midge type patterns are working best! Check the weather for the least wind day and book your discounted trip today!

October 16th- The Miracle Mile is fishing very well! There are many fish up eating dries and the nymphing is solid!

03/03/2017- Here is your up to date Miracle Mile fishing report. The Miracle Mile has been fishing well especially after 9 AM. We have had some strong spring winds. A great spring fishing option with low winds to still get a shoulder season discount is the Bighorn in WY only 2 hours from Casper. Call and get the details. 307.267.5161 Flies for the Miracle Mile are red rock worms, pats rubber legs, red San Juan, black midges, orange eggs, and brown & natural leeches.

02/01/17- The Miracle Mile is free of ice as usual and is fishing well. Especially on the warmer days. The canyon has been slower as it sees less sunlight. Normal winter flies for nymphing are eggs, leeches, scuds and black midges. Streamers can be good to if you let your flies travel very slowly and strip slowly or let your flies swing. Feel free to text or call us to get a road report before you head this way. 307.267.5161

11/24/16- As is expected, the fishing on the Miracle Mile has been excellent. And we have been getting into some big Rainbow & Brown Trout! Eggs, red san juans, and midges.

11/2/16- The Miracle Mile is fishing very well. The best way to fish this is with a guide who knows the water. It is really low this time of year. Nymphing is well most of the time, no dry fly fishing and the streamer bits isn’t hot but you can get some slabs if your patient.

10/3/16- The Miracle Mile is fishing well! It’s the normal tea coler as always in the fall but the Mile still fishs well with water this color. Try black midges in the morning with a red san juan or a pats rubber legs. And try a replacing the midge with small bwo variation when the midge quits working. Look towards fishing the deeper tailouts and depper riffles as the water temps cool and fish start to move out of the shallow riffly water.

Hot Flies

Hot Flies for Miracle Mile

Black or purple mcgruber midges size 18-20, brown pats rubber legs(yellow legs), red san juans, black mayhem midges, eggs patterns in orange, brown pine squirrel leeches. We are using a 5-7 ft rig from weight to indicator.  But usually have the indicator set to make it 5 ft.

Typical Miracle Mile Winter Rigs & Fly Selection

  • Egg patterns
  • Brown Pine Squirrel leeches
  • Black Midges

Typical Miracle Mile Summer Rigs & Fly Selection

    • Pat’s rubber legs in brown with tan or yellowish legs
    • Brown Pine Squirrel leeches
    • Egg patterns in orange or chartruese
    • Crawdizzle
    • Red & pink san juan worms
    • Red rock worms
    • Black midges
    • Small bead headed prince nymphs

Stream Flow

Current Miracle Mile Stream Flow Between Pathfinder Reservoir & Kortez Dam

Real time Miracle Mile Stream flow feed directly from the Bureau of Reclamation Hourly Hydromet Plot for the Miracle Mile below Kortez Dam.


Miracle Mile Fishing  & Weather Forecast

Current Weather Conditions

Find more about Weather in Alcova, WY

2017 Reports

2017 Miracle Mile Fishing Report Archives

January Miracle Mile Fishing Report

1/09/17- The Miracle Mile usually fish’s well all winter. But you do want to make sure roads are clear. You have 15 miles of dirt road getting out there and they can be nasty. So you usually want to give it a few days after a snow or rain. Feel free to text or call us to get a road report before you head this way.  307.267.5161


2016 Miracle Mile Fishing Report Archives

August Miracle Mile Fishing Report

8/21/16- Big surprise. The Miracle Mile is still nymph fishing well! Midges and San Juan worms. No reel dry fly action or streamer to speak of.

July Miracle Mile Fishing Report

7/31/16- Here is your Miracle Mile fishing report. It has been fishing very very well! So far there hasn’t been a ton of moss. We have been catching a bunch of big fat healthy Trout. And the temps up here have been cooler as it is higher in elevation than the Reef. If you want specific fly patterns to use shoot us a text or call. 307.267.5161

7/16/16- The Miracle Mile is fishing very well! On our guided float trips guests are catching a lot of big fat healthy hard fighting Rainbows and Browns! The wade fishing is still a bit tough with higher flows.

June Miracle Mile Fishing Report

6/27/16- The Miracle Mile flows are now at 4000 cfs and the fishing is excellent! Fish are really holding around all of the islands.

March Miracle Mile Fishing Report

3/4/16- I went up to the Miracle Mile with Frank Lalass. We had a very enjoyable day of conversations and fishing.  Caught several fish on a big brown stonefly nymph in the morning.  We caught some big healthy Rainbow’s.  No Browns.  Mid day the fishing slowed then was good the last couple of runs.  Typical fishing at the Miracle Mile.

February Miracle Mile Fishing Report

1/1/16-The Miracle Mile fly fishing is still good right now and the crowds are no more! We are catching some really fat healthy Rainbows and Browns. With flows at 860 CFS the nymphing has been great with midges, leeches, San Juan worms, and egg patterns. Streamer action is slow and so should your strip be if you decide to. Check the forecast for a day with the least wind and warmest temps and give us a call to take advantage of our HUGE winter rates! 307.267.5161


2015 Miracle Mile Fishing Report Archives

January Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

1/1/16- The Miracle Mile fly fishing is still good right now and the crowds are no more! We are catching some really fat healthy Rainbows and Browns. With flows at 860 CFS the nymphing has been great with midges, leeches, San Juan worms, and egg patterns. Streamer action is slow and so should your strip be if you decide to. Check the forecast for a day with the least wind and warmest temps and give us a call to take advantage of our HUGE winter rates! 307.267.5161December Miracle Mile Wyoming Fishing Report

December 8th 2015 Miracle Mile Wyoming Fishing Report-The crowds are gone and the Miracle Mile fly fishing is still good right now! We are catching some really fat healthy Rainbows and Browns. With flows at 860 CFS the nymphing has been great with midges, leeches, San Juan worms, and egg patterns. Not real good streamer action but remember the temps are cold so strip slowly if you do. If your looking for the opportunity to catch a trophy Brown, we are still getting them so check the forecast for a day with the least wind and warmest temps and give us a call! Your high odds to hook a trophy has a short window. 307.267.5161November Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

November Miracle Mile Wyoming Fishing Report

November 7th-

We wade fished the Miracle Mile today.  Our guys each caught a handful of very nice sized Brown Trout and some very thick Rainbows!  One of the Brown’s was estimated to be 24+ inches.  This is one of the best times of year to catch thick trout!  Eggs and leeches were the best flies.

November 4th-

What a gorgeous day today.  Fairly warm and no wind. Caught some very nice sized rainbows and browns on Red San Juan’s & egg patterns.

November 1st-

Flows are at 600 and the fishing has been good!  The pre-spawn is a great time to fish streamers for large browns ramping up for the spawn.  They become extremely territorial and aggressive!  Now is the time to get a big Brown!

 October Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

October 30th-

The fishing at the Miracle  Mile has been good.  Like always though it can fish for part of a day.  Browns are not spawning yet.  We have guides up today. there now and will post back as soon as we here how it is.

August Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

August 3rd- Honest Report on the Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The fly fishing at the Miracle Mile is ok. Some reports say that it’s good yet I’ve talked to their guides and they say it was tough.  I try not to be critical of fishing reports or companies but thought I’d throw that out there just in case you read another that says its great and feel like your getting mixed answers.

Flies for nymphing: Red San Juans, Pats rubber legs, goldie, gret rs2 foam post, pheasant tails with bead and soft hackle, and sparkle caddis.  Not much dry fly or streamer activity.

July Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

July 3rd- Stonefly Hatch!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Stone Flies are starting to come off strong.  This means big fish on BIG dry flies.  This hatch will only last another week and a half.

June Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

June 6th- Road Closure
We received this news last night, please be aware when traveling to Alcova, Fremont Canyon, Miracle Mile.


The Bureau of Rec had divers out checking the bridge on Kortes Rd. and it has been determined that it is not structurally sound anymore. Either today or tomorrow County Road and Bridge will be shutting the bridge down to all traffic until it can be repaired or replaced. This means there will not be any public access to either Black or Cottonwood beaches, Miracle Mile area, or Fremont Canyon Bridge area from 220 via Kortes Road. Anyone going to those beaches or areas will have to travel around from Pathfinder through the canyon.

June 5th – Great Fishing, Tough Road Conditions
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The reports we have had from those coming back from the Miracle Mile have been very good.  But…the days up there have been limited due to the abnormally high amount of  moisture we have been getting.  For those of you who don’t know it, there is 15 Miles of dirt road and 15 miles of highway once you turn off of highway 22o. 15 miles to get real muddy and stuck.  So be careful  when planning a trip up there.

Hot Flies:  The usual-black mayhem midges, brown Pat’s rubber legs with yellow legs, very small bwo patterns, bead headed prince nymphs, red and purple San Juan Worms.

May Miracle Mile Fishing Report

May 26th- Roads Inaccessible 
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: I’m sure the Miracle Mile is still fishing good but the 15 miles of dirt roads have made it inaccessible for a few days because of the torrential down pours.  The road usually recovers quick but it looks like we may get some more rain.

May 6th- Tough Road Conditions
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile has been fishing decent but not as good as the Grey Reef.  The Mile roads are probably a mucky mess with all the rain we have been getting!  Might have to wait a few days.

Hot Flies: Egg pattens, brown pat’s rubber legs, small midges, very small bwo patterns, leeches, worm.

March Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

March 13th – Midge Hatch!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile fished awesome today, especially in the morning!  We had a great midge hatch which really seemed to turned to the Trout on!

Most Productive Flies:

  1. Black Zebra Midge size 18-20
  2. Butterscotch & Cheese egg patterns

January Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

January 9th- Fantastic Winter Fishing!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile is a fantastic winter fishery and is very mountainous with breathtaking scenery. It mainly stays ice free in the Winter.  The fishing can be very good or poor, depending on who you talk to, what methods you use, what type of water you fish, and your fly selection.  There are always fish to be caught here but sometimes they don’t come easy.  This fishery fish’s more like a freestone than a tailwater in that it can be hot, then shut off immediately(even though it is a tailwater).  But the amount of fish and the opportunity to catch Trophy Trout make this a guides favorite destination, especially in the winter.  This is the time to catch that trophy fish, while most people are dreaming of fishing thinking it’s too cold.  The Miracle Mile is 30 miles South of Casper Wy. to Alcova Wy., then another 30 miles South West from there.  The last 15 miles of this road is dirt, so you have to be much more careful in the winter so you don’t get stuck. Always feel free to contact us and we will give you the info we have!


2014 Miracle Mile Fishing Report Archives

October Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

October 29th – Browns on Browns, on Browns!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Browns seem to be moving up into the Miracle Mile from Pathfinder Reservoir but it seems to be at a slower pace than normal.  The extraordinary warm weather we have been experiencing has effected this.  With the warm weather in the forecast for next week the Browns will get more and more aggressive as they move up river for the spawn. Yesterday when we were up there we didn’t really see many beds.  Don’t wait and wish you would have booked a trip to get a trophy Brown Trout!

October 25th – Tough but Oh So Productive!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile wouldn’t let go of Trout easily today, but when it did, it released some BIG ones. Chuck Evans and his son Tj landed a few nice Brown Trout and a few nice Rainbow Trout.  The rest of the fish were small and few. And we worked the water pretty hard.  We tried everything but bait and spinners. Poor old Max Lewis only caught 1 fish today. But it was 25 inch Brown Trout. I guess the size made up for it! We didn’t see many spawning beds but we did catch more Brown Trout than normally.

Hot Flies: size 16 bead headed prince nymphs, blue wing wing olive emergers.

October 13th- Fishes like a Freestone
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile on the North Platte River usually has great fishing for a portion of the day although it has it’s off days.  Fishs more like a freestone than a tailwater.

Productive flies:

  1. graphic caddis
  2. red & purple san juan worms
  3. brown pine squirrel leeches
  4. mo hair leeches
  5. crayfish
  6. blue wing patterns
  7. grey foam back rs2′s
  8. juju baetis
  9. sparkly wind rs2
  10. white bo river buggers
  11. vanilla buggers
  12. some yellow streamers

October 8th- Did Someone Say Brown Trout?
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile has great nymphing opportunities right now.  The river in Saratoga is fishing good after about 10 am nymphing, streamer fishing and some dry fly action.  The Grey Reef has been fishing really good from start to finish with dry fly fishing, some streamer depending on day and cloud cover and always nymphing.  And we have been traveling to a close place were the dry fly fishing has been sick! Streamer fishing has been ok to awesome with a little cloud cover and nymphing great!  The fall fishing is awesome and you really have many options as to what body of water you want to fish, what stretch, and what method you enjoy using to catch your fish!  We have mentioned multiple bodies of water and haven’t mentioned flies working for them because nothing has really changed from the last several reports. But if you want to give us a call and ask for one of our guides we would be happy to load you up with free information to make your trip a success!

September Miracle Mile Fishing Report

September 8th- Hot Flies of the Day
Miracle Mile Fishing Report:The Miracle Mile is fishing very good in the mornings.  It is fishing a little slower after 1 pm.

Hot Flies: Pats rubber legs, bead headed prince nymphs, birds nest caddis pattern,  red san juan worms.

September 4th- Let me count the Trout!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: We had a couple boats at the Miracle Mile today.  It fished very well, and especially before lunch.  We caught Rainbow’s, Cutbow’s, Brown’s and a Cutthroat today.

Hot Flies: Red San Juan, cranefly larvae, and bead headed caddis patterns.

August Miracle Mile Fishing Report

August 29th – Miracle Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile has been fishing very well.  With flows that are down to 1000 it’s making this piece of water inviting to the wading anglers.  Don’t let the tea colored water scare you.  This is normal for this piece of water and doesn’t hinder the fishing!

Top producing flies:

  1. pat’s rubber legs in brown with tan or yellowish legs
  2. crawdizzle
  3. red & pink san juan worms
  4. red rock worms
  5. black midges
  6. Pheasant tails
  7. Small bead headed prince nymphs

July Miracle Mile Fishing Report

July 17th- Ridiculous!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: They finished up shocking the Miracle Mile.  We ran into their boats today but we started early so we weren’t unlucky enough to fish behind them.  Wow was the fishing ridiculous.  They dropped the flows way down so all the Trout were jammed into small runs.  What a fun day with guests Richard and David!

July 9th- Someone Say StoneFly?
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: So many trout  being caught on a Stonefly at the Miracle Mile.  When we have guests here for multiple days we give them a taste of all of the good water around Casper.  The Mile is flowing high at around 3500 CFS.  The fishing are gobbling stoneflies.  For nymphing a pats rubber legs and a bead headed half back did the trick until around 1 pm then red san juan.

May Miracle Mile Fishing Report

May 24th- Miracle Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Grey Reef experienced a lot of rain and got blown out.  We took our 6 boat group to the Miracle Mile because it is sheltered from run off.  The water was clear and running over 1500 cfs.  The fishing was pretty good.  We also took 3 boats up there on Sunday and it fished even better.  There was a pretty good midge hatch followed by a blue wing hatch. Fishing the Miracle Mile is always like taking a breathe of fresh air.  You hardly see any other boat traffic up there and the scenery is breathtaking!


2013 Miracle Mile Fishing Report Archives

October Miracle Mile Fishing Reports

October 19th – Buck Nasty Browns!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile has been fishing great.  Lots of fish and big Browns.  The roads have been nasty but the extra work pays off to fish this beautiful piece of water.

October 13th- Miracle Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile is fishing excellent.  The problem recently is the roads.  Roads dried up over the weekend but looks like we are going to get hit with more rain making the roads a mess.

September Miracle Mile Fishing Report

September 28th- Off the Beaten Path
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: Miracle Mile fishing is really good right now.  Of course you don’t have the numbers like you do at the Reef, and it is 30 miles further off the beaten path, but if your fishing multiple days it is definetly worth the extra work for the experience.  The scenery up there is unmatchable!  And if you want to fish the Mile, we won’t try to talk you out of it to fish the Reef because it’s easy for us!

September 26th- Miracle Mile, Blue Ribbon Trout Stream
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile situated between Seminoe and Pathfinder Reservoirs is actually a seven mile long tail water section with consistent, cold water from the reservoir creating ideal big trout habitat. A recognized Blue Ribbon trout stream,  Miracle Mile Wyoming has some of the biggest and highest numbers of trout in the lower 48. Miracle Mile fishing in July during the stonefly hatch on is something to experience as avid fly fishermen spend the day throwing dry flies for some challenging, yet spectacular, fly fishing. In the past two years, the North Platte River has experienced high flows. The Wyoming Game and Fish surveys are showing the trout population has benefitted from these conditions. Fish numbers are up and expected to increase in the years to come, resulting in excellent Miracle Mile fishing opportunities.

September 21st- Fishing is Fabulous!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The fly fishing in Wyoming on the Miracle Mile is fabulous right now.  I had the pleasure of guiding the Tabor’s who are great return clients of Wyoming Anglers.  The morning was on fire today with the afternoon slowing down. Red San Won worms and black midges were the main flies working well.

July Miracle Mile Fishing Report

July 3rd – Fishing Nirvana
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: After a long day of floating another body of water and some wade fishing, on our last day of the 5 day Stone Fly Camp, we decided to throw a boat in and fish for a couple hours to finish strong.  Allison Hartman for those of you who don’t know her, is a die hard fisher woman.  More die hard than most men I know.  She doesn’t wear out.  She always ready to keep fishing.  We had a great time fishing with this group.  And Allison gets all the attention as being a great fishermen because she is a woman and it’s less common.  But for the record her husband is also a stick.  If your reading this Price, you will have to ask one of your friends what that means.  LOL (maybe a guide) We fished for a couple hours to end our day and the nymphing was Grey Reef syle.  It was insane!  The Stone Flys are a few days late coming to the surface compared to last year but we did see a handful today.  This means that probably Wednesday or Thursday for sure, the dry fly fishing on the North Platte River will be at its BEST in my oppinion.  For those of you have been fly fishing awhile.  What funner way to catch fish is there than throwing big dries and watching fish rip them out of the sky?  If this sounds like fun, don’t wait it will be over soon.  Book your experience guide up here today!

June Miracle Mile Fishing Report

June 29th – Worth the Effort!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The fishing at the Miracle Mile is pretty good right now! Catching fish on dries, streamers, and nymphs. We are currently hosting a stone fly camp at the Miracle Mile right now. We decided to continue the camp through the 2nd week in July and have a few openings for groups up to 6 people. We should have 2 solid weeks of fishing big stone dries. It’s my personal favorite time to be here out of the whole season. We have camp set up, cook all the meals. You fish, eat, relax and enjoy great fishing and the best western Scenery Wyoming has to offer! Don’t believe the reports of bad fishing up here. Other outfitters are saying this because the reef is fishing good and its a longer drive and more work. It is worth the extra effort or we wouldn’t be doing it! Even if u want to do just do a day trip give us a call!

June 17th- Fishing is Off the Hook
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The North Platte River from the Miracle Mile all the way through the Grey Reef to Casper Wyoming is fishing off the hook.  Or should I say on the hook?  The flows are at 25oo cfs on Grey Reef and 3000 at the Miracle Mile.  The fish are spread out and eating hard!    Guests are landing enough fish that they generally lose count after 20.  Come see if it’s only a fairly tale.  You won’t be disappointed and we guarantee that!

May Miracle Mile Fishing Report

May 3rd- Miracle Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Fishing on the North Platte River from Miracle Mile all the way to Casper on the Grey Reef is fishing excellent! Summer is here and the fishing couldn’t be better! I had the fine pleasure of taking Chris Norton and Tony Cooper fly fishing in Wyoming today.  What a beautiful day and the fishing was absolutely awesome.  Can’t tell you how many fish we caught cause we lost track.  The fish are really keying in on blue wings making it fun to fish short light rigs.

March Miracle Mile Fishing Report

March 24th- Fishing Remains Good Despite Winds
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The fishing at the Miracle Mile has pretty good considering the winds and temperatures the last few days.   Congrats to Jerome on a 22 inch Rainbow and Paul on catching a Walleye.

March 29th- Cold Temps and Wind on the Mile
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The fishing at the Miracle Mile in Wy was fair today.  Some runs fished ok and some fished good.  Temps in the am were fairly cold. There was an upstream wind that made it difficult to row and cast but Bob Seaman and Bob Hudson the owner of Lord of the Streams Custom Fly Rods were up for the challenge. They both caught some very nice Rainbow Trout!

February Miracle Mile Fishing Report

February 26th Fishing Report- Snow and Road conditions
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: Im sure the fly fishing is good but with the huge amount of snow we have gotten over the last few days we would not recommend traveling to the Miracle Mile for at least the next 2 to 3 days.  With the 15 miles of dirt road to get there it will be a mucky mess.  This road does recover very quickly though so we will  try to keep you up to date.  Potentially by Fri or Sat with the help of the Sun this road will be ok for travel. The Mile might be hard to get to but below is a picture of a nice Brown that was caught with guide Andy Bruste on the Grey Reef today.

February 22nd- Miracle Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: The Miracle Mile trout population is roughly comprised of 50% rainbow trout and 50% brown trout. The ratio of rainbow to brown trout does vary from year to year and from season to season as fish move in and out of Path-finder Reservoir. Also, the rainbow trout population is composed of Firehole River and Eagle Lake rainbow trout which are both stocked in the Miracle Mile, fall-strain rainbow trout which are stocked in Pathfinder Reservoir, and wild rainbows hatched right in the Miracle Mile. We have been conducting monthly electrofishing through the fall and winter of 2011-2012 to document changes in the Miracle Mile species assemblage and determine if fall-strain rainbow trout that are stocked in Pathfinder Reservoir spawn in the Miracle Mile. Brown trout were most abundant during November, a month that is close to the peak of their spawn. Path-finder Reservoir-stocked fall rainbows (identified by their stubby dorsal fins) were most abundant in December; they comprised 18% of the catch during this month. Some of these fish moved in to the Miracle Mile from Pathfinder Reservoir within a few weeks from when they were stocked. Although the fall rainbow trout moved into the Miracle Mile, there was no evidence that they were attempting to spawn. We did see a few rainbows with milt or eggs, but most of these ripe fish were not fall rainbow from Pathfinder Reservoir. It appears that rainbow trout of all strains spawn during the winter in the Miracle Mile to some extent.

February 17th- Mile Update
Miracle Mile Fishing Report:   Andy Bruste and a couple other guides went Miracle Mile fly fishing today.  The fishing wasn’t hot but was fair.  In a half day with 2 guides fishing and 1 guide rowing they landed approximately 20 fish but they were all 2o+ inch Trout.  Most fish were caught nymphing.  Streamer fishing was fairly slow.  Flies working best were pink San Juan’s and egg patterns. Ya know it’s the days we deem slow that really aren’t to many other people from around the country. These times really make us appreciate the incredible fishery we have, when we are normally are boating 60 plus fish a day.

January Miracle Mile Fishing Report

January 21st- Slow Fishing but Better Than Being Stuck Behind a Desk!
Miracle Mile Fishing Report: We had 1 boat fish from the bridge down stream to the cliffs today.  What a beautiful day to be on the river with no wind! The fishing was fair, but it was much better than being fastened to a desk and a computer.