Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing

North Platte Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing Information about fly fishing this awesome wade fishery just outside of Alcova, WY. Fremont Canyon is one of our favorite spots to wade fish nearly every month of the season. Awesome dry fly fishing for very sizable trout is possible almost all year in Fremont Canyon. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing fly fishing that exists in Fremont Canyon!


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Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing


Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing Overview….

Fremont Canyon is our sweet little wade fishing gem! All though still part of the North Platte River system, typical stream flows through Fremont Canyon are less than 100CFS. The remainder of the water that does not free flow out of Pathfinder, is diverted through a tunnel that turns the generator at the powerplant near the Alcova Reservoir inlet.


Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing Through the Seasons

Winter: (Dec.-Feb)  There aren’t very many in here, but there here.  Nymphing the meadow is almost always effective.  The primary food source in the winter is small fish, crayfish, leeches, scuds, midges, and annelids.

Spring: (Mar.-May) Like the rest of our close fisheries, the spring is great time to hook Trophy Rainbow Trout.  The primary hatches in the spring are midges and beatis.  While nymphing is definitely the most productive, be ready for dry fly opportunities.  When the winds are strong or the Grey Reef gets blown out, this is a good place to wade.  Your chances of having a successful day are much stronger since you don’t have to cast very far.

Summer: (June-August) Summer bring some of the best dry fly fishing on the North Platte River during the Trico and Caddis hatches. Yellow Sallies and Pale Morning Duns do make a small appearance.  Nymphing is always a good bet but streamers will also take trophy Trout during this time of year.

Fall: (Sept.-Nov.)  Like the rest of our close fisheries, the fall is a great time to hook a Trophy Brown Trout.  Nymphing is always a productive way to fish Cardwell and the Canyon can produce large Trout on streamers.  Nymphing can be difficult in the Canyon because the water is so swift, but the experienced angler can catch fish.  The Remaining Trico’s and Caddis can still create good dry fly opportunities in Sept.

River Description

North Platte Fremont Canyon River Description

The North Platte flows through the Pathfinder Dam. It then makes its way through a small canyon then enters what is known as Cardwell. This section of the river meanders for approximately 1.5 miles through the meadow stream(Cardwell Access Area). The water consists of skinny riffles, seams and small pools. The stream is not much bigger than a small mountain steam. If you want to be successful here, be ready to mini rig when the water is low.  This section is accessible to the public on both sides of the stream. This is a great place to wade fishing for those of all ages. Much of the year you can wade and not even get your feet wet. Fish studies show to have approximately 150 fish per mile.

At the end of the meadow starts the actual Fremont Canyon.  This has big boulders, deep pools, and riffles.  This hike is not for every angler.  But there are huge fish lerking in the depths.  When its snowy or wet this can be very slippery so proceed with caution.

Cardwell seams to be a bit more technical nymphing than some of our other tailwater close by.  Although you really don’t have anything to interfere with your casting.  Fish seam to be more finicky here.  Fishing 5x tippet and small flies often does the trick for numbers.


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