wyoming recommended fly fishing gear

Clothing & Fly Fishing Gear for Fly Fishing in Wyoming

Quality gear can make the difference between fishing coming to the net or the long distance release of a fish of a lifetime. Fortunately, our guides can take care of providing you with premium fly fishing equipment that we’ve found to be tried and true on Wyoming Rivers. Yes, our guided trips are all inclusive and we provide everything you will need!

Clothing: While the fishing is very easy to predict, weather can be harder to forecast during the Winter and Spring fishing seasons.   There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing so don’t let the weather ruin a trip because you aren’t prepared for it.

  • Waterproof Gore-Tex Wading Jacket
  • Simms Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket
  • Wicking Base Layers
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Buff Headwear for sun and wind protection
  • Simms Windstopper Gloves or Fold Over Mittens
  • Windstopper Beanie

What Fishing Equipment do I need to Bring?

On guided trips we provide all essential fly fishing gear.  If you are fishing on your own, or just want to have your own stuff here is what you will need:

Wading Gear: Full chest high waders and wading boots.

Fly Rods: For wade fishing we recommend a 9′ 6″ to 10′ 5-7wt rod.  If you are fishing from a boat the longer rod is not as essential but we suggest a fast action rod for casting into the wind, and setting the hook when fishing deep. 9′ 6-7wt rods are ideal.

Two Handed Rods: If you like to swing flies you are going to love the N. Platte. The ideal rod for swinging flies on Grey Reef is a 12’6″ 6wt.  Be sure to check out some of the ECHO two handed rods which are affordable priced and get the job done or the Scott L2H and Scott T3H.

Fly Reels: These are the hardest fighting fish in the lower 48 so have a reel with some drag.  Any of the Lamson reels are a good choice no matter what the budget allows.

Fly Lines: Our favorite lines for Grey Reef are heavy on the front end for casting into the wind and turning over big streamers and nymph rigs. We also like lines with long tapers which help you extend your drift and mend at great distances.  The best lines for the North Platte are the Rio Switch Line, Rio Grand or the Rio Nymph line.

Spey Lines: We recommend the SA Skagit Extreme line to match the rod size.  Have a variety of Skagit sink tips to cover a variety of depth.  We like the Skagit MOW tips in T11 and T14.  At the least, have a 5′ and 10′ tip with you.

Standard North Platte Flies

Nymph Patterns

#10-18 Red Annelids
#8-12 Hothead Leaches (rusty and black)
#8-14 Pine Squirrel Leaches in Rusty, Black & Natural
#12-16 Rusty, Olive, Orange & Tan Scuds
#16-20 Tungsten Jujubeatis, Bionic Midges, Mercury PT’s, Hunch Back Emergers, Rojo Midges, Black Beauty Emergers, Flashback RS2
Streamer Patterns: White buggers, brown buggers and smaller leech and zonker type patterns in Olive, Brown & Cream.
Dry Flies: A parachute Adams  in size #16-20 and a few  sharpies in various colors will cover about every hatch we have on the North Platte.  Amy’s Aunts in size 8-14 are also fun in late summer and early fall.

Other North Platte Essentials

  • 0x-4x leaders (9-10ft)
  • 0x-5x tippet
  • 8-12 LB for streamers
  • Assortment of splitshot
  • A BIG Rubber Basket Net!

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