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Come see for yourself if all the testimonies are true!

Aug. 25th 2016– I can not say enough about the friendliness, professionalism, and overall quality of Wyoming Anglers. My dad and I floated with Logan on 8/17 (long story short, I botched our date by a day, and Luke was gracious enough to get Logan for the next day on short notice). What a fantastic day we had! The fishing was great, and the guide service was even better! We caught big,fat ‘bows consistently, had a great lunch, and were treated like kings. This trip was coupled with an antelope archery hunt, and we are in the process of booking the same trip again next year. Big thanks to Luke, Tanya, Logan, and all the guys at Wyoming Anglers for making this one of the most memorable experiences my dad and I have had on the water in a long time. See you soon, guys!

-Matt, Cross Plains Wi.

Aug. 18th 2016-I booked a trip for myself and 3 friends with Wyoming Anglers in mid-August when the North Platte had very challenging fishing conditions. Due to the warmer weather and lower water flows, the river conditions were not optimal. Our day started with cool temperatures that were projected to rise to the low 90’s and to be honest I didn’t have high expectations for this trip. Our boat was guided by Luke, the owner of Wyoming Anglers. Luke knows the North Platte like the back of his hand. As we floated, he positioned the boat close to the sections of the river offering the best chances for rewards. Throughout the day, Luke adjusted strike indicators, weights and flies to keep up with the changing conditions of the river. Mind you that both of our guides were doing this at the same time they were manning the oars. I have to admit that I was the “problem child” on our boat as I had multiple tangles and lost at least 3 entire weights, flies and tippet rigs. Luke very graciously untangled and/or or re-rigged my rod as he maintained his calm demeanor all the while offering, tips, advice and encouragement. Two of my fishing friends were in a boat guided by Rob and they reported that he is a great guide who, like Luke, knows the river well. He offered casting, knot tying and other fishing advice along with making the frequent adjustments to the fly fishing rigs. Rob is a very professional, friendly, competent, light hearted and hardworking guide. He was reported by one of my friends to be “Very patient with novice anglers (me!!!)”. He has an interesting background that includes holding 2 masters’ degrees and doing counselling for troubled kids. At the end of the day we all caught beautiful, very sizeable fish and agreed that we had learned a lot and had a great time. What’s not to like about Wyoming Anglers and these guides? We had a friendly rivalry between our two boats and I’m happy to report that “our” boat won. What was the payoff? A soft serve cone from the gas station in Medicine Bow on the way home, paid for by the losing boat team. If you are a rookie or a seasoned fly fisher and you want to float the North Platte, we all would recommend Wyoming Anglers as the shop to hire. We had an absolute blast!

Aug. 11th 2016-I have had hunting and fishing guides all over the country and Wyoming Anglers has to be one of the hardest working guides I have ever used. His knowledge of the Mile and the Reef were outstanding and we were in fish from the time we got on the water till left the water.Thanks for a great experience Luke!

Brian/Owner Rolling Bones Outfitters
Spearfish Sd

Feb. 21 2016-Having just spent two days floating the Grey Reef section of the North Platte and the fabled Miracle Mile with Luke of Wyoming Anglers I must say that any expectations I may have had about enjoying a quality trip were were totally blown away. Luke went out of the way to to make this a great trip. He not only acted as a first class guide with intimate knowledge of both areas, but was a great coach actively working to improve my technique and ability as a fly fisherman. The fishing itself was incredible when he says you will get into a lot of fish believe him. Beautiful big fat wild rainbows. I can’t remember when I have had some much fun. Wyoming Anglers Thank you so much I can’t wait to get up there again.

– Frank, Brighten CO.



My experience with Wyoming Anglers goes no further than boat launch BS, mid-river updates, or takeout beers… I float the river regularly and run into all the shops in the area on a regular basis. This much I know. Aside from always beating up fish, whenever I run into a Wyoming Anglers boat I rest easy that I will have a solid, friendly, and cordial conversation with them. Unlike other outfits in the area, these guys go out of their way to make EVERYONE on the river’s experience a pleasant one. Too many times lately I have been hassled by other shops for simply floating by their guiding boats. It’s the exact opposite with Luke and his crew. This operation knows that the experience of floating a river is special and each boat or wader out there is looking for the same thing, to catch fish and have a good time. I remember last August fishing just upstream of Luke and two of his clients. Instead of lambasting my boat for catching fish near him, he instead chose to small talk and laugh with us as his clients continuously pounded fish for at least an hour. I can’t express how much his organization has impressed me and improved my experience at the Reef. I recommend his organization over any other.

– Collin

I just returned from four days of fly fishing on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River near Casper, Wyoming.  The trip was put together by the guys at Wyoming Anglers.  I was asked by three of my golf buddies if I would arrange a fly fishing trip and decided to contact Wyoming Anglers.  I actually found them on the Internet as I was searching Wyoming fly fishing guides.  I was a little concerned since I had not used their services before but I booked an “all inclusive” trip which included 4 individual rooms at the house they use near the river and three meals a day.  (breakfast and dinner at the house and shore lunch on the river).  The food was plentiful and tasty. Two of the guys that went on the trip had virtually no fly fishing experience and the third guy not only had very limited fly fishing experience but  took his 15 year old grandson who had no experience.  All of us caught many trout some up to 20 inches.  We fished from the traditional “McKinsey” drift boats and caught fish dead drifting nymphs. The guides were great and had an immense amount of patience with my rookie buddies.  My last morning with my guide was one of the most memorable of my fishing days since it was spent virtually hunting rising fish and casting small dry flies to the rising fish.  Although I was rewarded with less than ten fish for the morning each fish landed on a dry fly was worth 10 fish that I caught on a nymph.  I would highly recommend Wyoming Anglers and the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River for your next fishing outing

– Dave W.

I recently floated the North Platte with Wyoming Anglers.  Our guide did an excellent job in all regards.  On time, all first rate equipment, knowledgable, good natured, willing to go the extra to put me into the correct drifts and very productive fishing. Five star outfit.

– Nick G.

Thank you for an AMAZING experience on the North Platte River!!  It was literally the best day of fly-fishing we’ve ever had! Our guide, Johnny, was great! His personality, knowledge, patience, & work ethic (rowing through the wind) make him a real pro!

– Brett H.

On behalf of Bill, John and Jeanie, we had an awesome day on the Reef last Friday with Oliver and Will. Oliver is a superstar and an incredible guide and an even better person.

– Matt B.

Thanks much guys for helping us  make last minute changes to our fishing plans become one of the most memorable fishing experiences yet. Fishing the Grey Reef with Wyoming Anglers is as good as it gets. Amazed at the intimate knowledge of the river, nymphing techniques, and willingness to adapt to changing weather conditions and clients needs. Fishing in conditions from a balmy 70 degrees to a frigid 12 degrees didn’t matter – we still caught plenty! Already planning another trip with you.

– Bill, Jeff, Dave & John from East Tennessee

I’m still re-living the most incredible and by far the best day of fishing on the Reef in the 10 years we have fished it.  March 21st DURING THE FLUSH!!  Easily a 50 plus fish day.  Luke is totally committed to his clients having an enjoyable day on the river and their success regardless of fishing ability.  I have fished with many guides in the area and I will not consider using anyone but Luke and Wyoming Anglers.  Thank you Luke!!  Looking forward to few more trips and steamers in the fall.

– Don D.

Today I am back at the office trying to get my rhythm back. I just spent the past several days with Luke and his guides developing a different rhythm. Cast – Mend – Set -Net …over and over and over. If our measure of success was number of boated fish, we were over achievers. If our measure of success was the fun being together (Family and Friends), beyond measure. My first time using Wyoming Anglers from a suggestion by my best fishing buddy. This is now my preferred outfitter. I will only book with someone else if Wyoming Anglers are completely booked which soon will be the case if everyone gets the attention we received. Awesome!

– Bob H.

Luke,  I just can’t stop thinking about two of the best days of fly fishing with you and Oliver.  All the way home my buddies kept saying they had an incredible time and it was the finest drift trip they have ever been on.  You are a consummate professional and it is refreshing to be with someone who truly loves his work and enjoys sharing the beauty of this special fishery.  Big rainbows, bountiful wildlife and some of the prettiest high desert scenery anyone can ask for. Your knowledge of the river, fishing techniques and boating skills are truly remarkable.  I still don’t know how you can retie flies, adjust indicators, untie knots and row the drift boat all at the same time!

Kathy and I are looking forward to fishing with you again on our annual trip, see you soon and thanks again for another great memory!

– Dan M.

Thanks again for the great day on the river you and your guides put together for us.  I have fished the Grey Reef with several of the local guide services and had a great time, but hands down caught the most fish and learned the most about trout habitat in one day with you and your staff.  My wrist is still recovering!  You will see me again soon.

– Erik C.

My wife and I floated the North Platte River with the Wyoming Anglers recently. They accommodated my daughter on short notice in a second boat with another client. I have floated many rivers in WY and MT with many guides. This was probably the best day in my 23 years on any of these rivers. The guides were superb; the fishing was better. On a 1 – 10 scale, these guides are 12’s; the river, a throwback to the pre-“A River Runs Through It” days on the Madison. They patiently schooled my wife and daughter and provided sage advice to the “old pro.” We saw 2 other boats all day, and were actually able to rerun productive sections without impeding the progress of the dozen or so drift boats that you find in hot pursuit on the Madison and others. I have fond memories of the 90’s on the Snake and Madison when you saw very few other boats and caught big fish. Those days are gone but not on the North Platte River. But, make the trip complete: use these guides. You will not regret that decision.

– John C.

A friend of mine and I had planned our annual fishing trip many months ahead of time.  First on our agenda was fishing the great fishing around Casper.  However, we woke up early on September 27th for our scheduled float on Greys Reef with our guide, Hooly, to an early snowfall and winds gusting to 40 MPH.  It promised to be a challenging day.  After a short discussion with Luke he graciously allowed us to reschedule the float to the end of our trip.  Turns out, the weather was cold and rainy a week later but at least the wind had reduced to around 15-20.  Nevertheless, Hooly was up for the task and handled the boat like a real pro.  She ties tippet and replaces flies faster than any guide I’ve had in the past and put us on a ton of beautiful rainbows.  Overall, a top notch experience!  Looking forward to returning next year.

– Steve T.

Never been fly fishing in my life, by the end of the day felt like ive been doing it for years with Lukes expert guidance, caught 3 browns all within the 4 to 6 pounds, and to many rainbow to count, unbelievable!  Created memories that will last a lifetime.  I definitely plan to be back to create more!  Thanks Luke, your the best!

– John H.

Just completed another great trip to the North Platte River. We had late winter fishing with challenging conditions, but Luke and the guides at Wyoming Anglers were up to the task. They are experienced and highly professional guides – the best in the business! They pay close attention to details : constant assessment of fly selection, water depth and leader adjustments. Productive runs are back rowed to your satisfaction. All of this means more fish and bigger fish in your net! When you think of Wyoming fishing, think of Wyoming Anglers!

– Steven D.

Luke, I can’t thank you enough for the great trip we had. Your guides Mark and Holly, went above and beyond to provide us with a day of days on the River.  We lost track of how many rainbows we caught. Even the lunch was memorable. We’ll be back next year.

– Joe & Mike E.

Luke: Best fish guide in the damn West- a rowing machine – we put in at light and he rowed us into Casper at dark –absolutely the finest guided float trip I have ever taken.  We caught and released upwards of  30 trout each thanks to Luke’s professional guide service and river and fish knowledge. P.S. We’ll be back!

– Ray G. & Bob B.

Do you like dry fly fishing? My wife and I experienced excellent dry fly fishing with Wyoming Anglers the past 2 years on the North Platte River below Grey Reef Dam near Casper, Wyoming.  The river there resembles a big spring creek such as the Railroad Ranch on the Henry’s Fork in Idaho.  Great fishing, great guides!

– Tucker & Katie G.

I came up to the North Platte River in early May, 2012 with three business buddies and we had an incredible day of fishing! Wyoming Anglers absolutely took care of the day with transportation, excellent boats & reels, food, but most importantly, Luke and Holly put us on fish ALL day long.  You two really know the river and worked your tails off to make sure we spent as much time as possible where the trout were actually biting.  All four of us had double digit days with some very big rainbows.
I was so impressed with Wyoming Anglers, that I came back in August, 2012 with my 21 year old son, who had never had a fly rod in his hands.  I asked for Holly to be our guide and she was really incredible making my son feel at ease, have fun, and be successful on his first fly fishing day. Everything went smoothly during the day and my son had a blast in his double digit fish day, with a couple 16-17 inch rainbows.  Unfortunately, he probably thinks every day fishing will be like that, but I know that only happens with experienced and knowledgable guides.

– Dan M.

I would like to say thank you and your guide for providing a great time on the river. It was the first time fly fishing for my dad and I.  It was a good father and son moment to remember and cherish.  Our guide Andy did an excellent job being patient, it being our first time. haha! He showed us the rights and wrongs to fly fishing not to mention gave us the chance to land two of the biggest fish for us, yet a little more practice next time they don’t stand a chance.  Our guide Andy new right where the fish were and made my trip with my father one I’ll never forget, thanks.  We definitely plan on another trip with your guide Andy and your company.  I will highly recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again for the great time and memories.

– Henry Sr. & Henry Jr.

If you have never fly fished for trout in Wyoming you haven’t experienced trout fishing heaven. I had the pleasure of fishing the North Platte River outside of Casper, WY May 18th with three of my best friends my son, Gordon, Loren Smith and Rich Jamieson. All of these guys are tremendous fly fisherman and boy did we hook up on the fish!

Depending on the stretch of river the North Platte has 3000-5000 trout per mile. The best part is that they are BIG! Fish landed ranged from a pound to over four pounds. We had a couple of hook ups on way bigger fish as well with a good chance of landing a ten pounder on any cast.

The fish in the North Platte include rainbows, browns and cutthroats. The food supply coming down the Platte makes for the huskiest, hardest fighting fish I have ever seen. We all boated good numbers of fish on a tougher day with a cold front blowing in. My personal best on the Platte are two eight pound rainbows landed a few years apart since 2000. Did I mention this place is trout heaven already? Outside of Alaska there’s no better water in the USA for quality and numbers of fish.

The best way to get on fish is to hire a local guide. We used Wyoming Anglers (www.wyominganglers.com) out of Casper and Luke and Jason knew each run and each hole and put you on fish all day long. I highly recommend a trip with them.

Remember, you can’t catch ‘em in the living room. I hope to see you out on the water!
– Brian S.