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Bighorn River Thermopolis, WY


Bighorn River, Thermopolis Fly Fishing Overview…

When you think about the Bighorn River, you probably think about the famous stretch of the Bighorn near Fort Smith, Montana. What you may not know is that the Bighorn actually starts in Wyoming 100 miles upstream near the small town of Thermopolis. This fishery is less known of but is better in our opinion without the traffic.

This classic dry fly stream has several long stretches of slow meandering water which holds big fish that love to eat small dries and big terrestrials. The Bighorn has prolific dry fly fishing and fish often rise in pods. A pod of rising fish in deep water is often mistaken mistaken for a shallow riffle.

This river also has many beautiful nymph runs, and some very deep pools that hold some big fish.



Bighorn River Seasons Thermopolis Wy.

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Wyoming Fishing Reports

Grey Reef Fishing Report
Grey Reef Fishing Report
Grey Reef Fishing Report & Fly Info Fishing Report Date: 10/23/18 Stream Flow: 505 CFS below Grey Reef Dam Water Clarity: 10/10 Water Temperature:60s Fish Count: 3,500 fish per…

Miracle Mile Fishing Report
Miracle Mile Fishing Report
Miracle Mile Fishing Report & Info Fishing Report Date: 10/23/18 Stream Flow:  538 CFS below Seminoe Dam Water Clarity: Clear Water Temp: Unknown Fish Count: 1,800 fish per…

Fremont Canyon Fishing Report
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report
Latest Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Fishing Report Date: 11/15/17 Fremont Canyon Stream Flow: Approximately 75 CFS through the Canyon Water Clarity: Mostly Clear Water Temp: Unknown Fish…