Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

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Fremont Canyon Fishing Report & River Conditions

  • Fishing Report Date: 11/14/23
  • Fremont Canyon Stream Flow: 69 CFS
  • Water Clarity: 7/10
  • Hatches: Midges
  • Water Temp: Unknown
  • Fish Count: 1,500 Fish per mile

Fremont Canyon Fishing Report:


Fremont is running at about 69 CFS and fair to good clarity. We have been successful on streamers and nymphs. Eggs, leeches, worms, and midges are recommended. Browns are starting to spawn, so please make sure your not fishing redds. If you see others fishing redds, spread the word and educate them on why it is important and long term effects. We all want a healthy fishery! Shoulder season rates officially go into effect tomorrow! $100 off of Full Days and $75 off of 1/2 days! If you are wanting good fishing, lower rates and less people, then this is the time for you! Keep an eye out for our newsletter, as we are running a Black Friday Special! If you aren’t subscribed to our newsletters, feel free to give our office a call and ask about it! I hope everyone has a fabulous thanksgiving!


Fremont has been fishing well. Tricos in the morning and caddis in the afternoon. Worms and leeches have both been productive as well. Keep an eye out for some noses.

7/10/23- The water is running at 79cfs. It is clear and has been fishing good. Right now the most productive flies are pmds, midges, sallies and caddis. Fremont is a great wading option for those who would rather walk and wade. You can either stick to the meadows or hike through the canyon. Definitely one to visit while your in Casper.

4/26/23- The water is a little off colored but is fishable. The rainbows are still spawning, so please stay off the redds and help preserve our fisheries. Midges, small annelids, leeches and eggs are all the most productive right now. Fremont is a good wading option and sure is scenic.

3/1/19– The fishing is great. Big Rainbows and some good Browns. Leechs, small midges, small annelids, eggs.

11/15/17- Fremont Canyon is fishing very well!

11/2/16-Here is your Freomont Canyon fishing report. It fishing well! It is very low. Not much dry fly  fishing, the streamer fishing can be good and the nymphing is great. A little bit of moss but not bad.

10/3/16-Fishing at Fremont is great right now. There are a lot of fish condensed into small runs. We are using small Midges and some Caddis patterns which are fishing well. Be persistent and cover a lot of water. If you feel like you’re not getting down deep enough, go deeper. A good starting Depth is 6 feet to your weight and you can adjust from there. You’re going to want to be fishing a lot of seems that dump into deep holes. Zebra midges and Mayham’s along with Mcgrubers  are all fishing well.

Fremont Canyon Fishing Guide Austen Haupt

Hot Flies

Hot Flies  for Fremont Canyon

Annelids (14-18), brown pine squirrel leech’s, egg’s, pheasant tails, Rs2’s etc in 18-20. Midges in black with a tiny bit of flash will get it done as well.  Dry fly fishing with A black Sprout Midge #20.

Stream Flows

Fremont Canyon Stream Flow

Fremont Canyon Stream Flows
Real time Fremont Canyon Stream flow feed directly from the Bureau of Reclamation Hourly Hydromet Plot for Fremont Canyon below Pathfinder Dam. NOTE: Graph does not reflect what is free flowing through Fremont Canyon. Current flow is 75CFS. Remaining flow goes through a pipe for power generation near the Alcova Reservoir Inlet.


Fremont Canyon Fishing & Weather Forecast

2016 Reports

2016 Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Archives

Fremont Canyon Winter fishing Report: March

3/4/16-Fremont Canyon fishing report.  Nothing has changed.  The fishing at Fremont is still great.  Let us know if you have any questions on how to fish it our what is working.

Fremont Canyon Winter fishing Report: February

2/20/16-Fremont Canyon fishing report.  Wyoming Anglers guide Rob Barnosky went fishing today.  He said he had a great couple of hours on the water.  Flies working were eggs, rock worms, San Juan worms, hot headed leeches, and small midge patterns.  Most runs fished well with a tin bb weight and 3-5 ft from weight to indicator. We almost always have a guide available to chat.  Feel free to text, call, or email us with any questions.  307.267.5161 /[email protected]

Fremont Canyon Winter fishing Report: January

1/17/16 Fremont Canyon fishing has been pretty good. Not a ton of fish but all nice fat fish. As soon as I went with 4x tippet and small bugs I started getting many more fish. Size 18-20 black midges & bead headed pheasant tails did the trick. Remember that this time of year most of the fish are going to be in the deeper runs and tailouts. The fish in here are more finicky than the Grey Reef. Make sure your drifts don’t have any drag. Cast up high and shallow in the run to give your flies time to get down to reach the fish you are targeting in the deeper water.

1/01/16 Fremont Canyon Fishing Report: Fly fishing in Fremont Canyon has been pretty good! The water is EXTREMELY Clear so be stealthy with your shadow and casting.  Nymphing, remains solid with midges, leechs, red san juans, and rock worms. But if  you ever have a hard time catching fish in Fremont ditch the big bugs and go small like 18-20.  And lighten up your tippet. I haven’t found one particular  fly to work better than another as long as your weight, depth and drift are correct.  You don’t need to dredge, the fish will find your flies! A 4-6 ft rig seems to be the ticket. Good luck!

2015 Reports

2015 Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Archives

December Fremont Canyon Winter fishing Report:

Fremont Canyon has been fishing well all winter.  The water is low and clear so use stealth.

November 11th- Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Nov 11th Fremont Canyon Winter Report

Fremont Canyon is fishing very will with small bugs and 4x tippet.  Or go big with brown ps leech tied to 3x with a midge dropper.

Fly fishing in Fremont Canyon has been nothing short of superb lately with lots of dry fly action. The water is EXTREMELY Clear and the ability to sight fish these large browns & rainbows is very possible. Dry fly fishing has also been incredible! Fishing a black #20 Sprout Midge dry fly seams to be working for all the rising fish. I’ve been fishing 9′ 5x leaders on dries. Lot’s of quality fish up eating dries as well. Nymphing, remains solid with midges, leechs, and leeches. I haven’t found one particular fly to work better than another as long as your weight, depth and drift are correct. You don’t need to dredge, the fish will find your flies! The fish in Fremont are Looking up so fishing a nymph rig 1-3 feet indicator to split will work just fine and keeps your flies clean.May Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

May 26th- Fremont Canyon Update
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Fremont Canyon is fishing well!  If you aren’t having luck, try using 4 or 5x tippet and small bugs.

May 6th-  Purple Rock Worm is Rockin’ It!
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Guide Kody Luckow has been frequenting Fremont Canyon with great success over the past weeks.  Purple rock worm was his best fly!

February Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

February 7th- Update From Guide, Matt Haupt
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Amanda and I went out with a couple of friends to Fremont Canyon Saturday morning to check it out.   We fished a section higher up, about half of a mile down from Pathfinder.   Time was short, so we found a nice run and fished it for about an hour and a half or so.   Amanda took this nice Rainbow on a brown hot head leech,  and a few similarly sized fish were had on a size 16 tan scud, and 14 red rock worm.  Around 10 am we did spot some surface activity-slower boils, backs coming out of the water, probably taking midges just subsurface.  We didn’t fish it as hard as I like, the wind was getting bad and this was more of a leisure trip than most so we decided to head back into town for some Mexican food. Let’s go fishing!

January Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

January 9th- Conditions Favorable in Fremont
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Dry fly fishing and nymphing have been good! Fremont is located a few miles from Alcova Wy. and 30 miles from Casper Wy.  This is a very pretty area! The paved roads are usually good to get to this area.

2014 Reports

2014 Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Archives

November Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

November 9th- Guides Day off, Spend it Fishing Fremont!
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Guides Oliver and Luke took a personal day and went fun fishing.  The fishing was fantastic and the weather wasn’t bad.  We caught some really nice rainbow!  The fishing will continue to be good. Just watch the weather and pick the days with the least wind.

2013 Reports

2013 Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Archives

October Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

October 27th- All Stretches Fishing Great,Including Fremont Canyon!
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- The North Platte River starting in Saratoga all the way to Government Bridge near Casper Wyoming is fishing great.  These stretches include Saratoga, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, and the Grey Reef to Government bridge with clarity half to 3/4 of the way to Sechrist access area.

May Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

 May 4th- Fremont Canyon Update
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report-  In the last 4 day period we have had guides spread out from the Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, the Grey Reef, all the way downstream to Robertson Road in Casper.  Everything is fishing very well! High winds today made it hard to row so guide Hooly Henson pulled her clients off and waded at Fremont Canyon were they did pretty well!

April Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

April 27th- Prime Conditions in Fremont
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- The whole North Platte River from Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, and below Grey Reef are all fishing well!  Ledge Creek which is a few miles downstream of the Grey Reef dam is still dumping a little dirty water in but not enough to effect the fishing downstream.  Everything all the way to Robertson Road is fishing well although it looks a little off color.

March Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

March 28th- Fremont Canyon during Spring Flush
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- The flush on the North Platte River below Grey Reef has a few days left.  All the stretches below the Grey Reef on the North Platte River are looking very clear and fishable.  Also the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are fishing well and are great options during the Flush for Wade Fishing.

March 19th- Grey Reef Blown Out- Fremont is a Great Option!
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- Grey Reef Fishing Report-North Platte River-March 19th 2013-The upper Grey Reef is completely blown out due to the water levels at the Grey Reef Reservoir being lowered down to the river channel.  Lusby downstream will probably be fishable if you stay in front of the dirty water.  Dirty water started gushing through the dam at approximately 8 am.  Fremont Canyon and the Miracle Mile will be other good options for the next few days.

January Fremont Canyon Fishing Reports

January 29th-  Fremont Canyon Winter Fishing
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report- The Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, and the Grey Reef are all open and fishable. Right now is the time to start fly fishing Wyoming rivers.  Wyoming has and continues to be the least crowded state with the best fishing, but you see fewer people this time of year, and the fishing is great!